NCMI research

Research Focus & Capabilities:

Our research focus is driven by a diverse spectrum of biological samples to (1) achieve reliable atomic resolution structures of molecular machines; (2) derive structures from conformationally variable machines, and (3) characterize subcellular complexes within intact cells in normal and pathological states.

Our facility is equipped with Thermo Scientific™ Krios™ and Talos™ Arctica electron microscopes and several different cryo-specimen vitrification robots. Our goals include the assessment of new hardware performance, including that of electron microscopes, phase plates and detectors, for different types of driving projects. We continue to improve the throughput and quality of the data; and the efficiency of the image processing software for either single particles or cell tomograms. We also evaluate methods for structure validation at different levels of resolution.

NCMI is supported by the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

NCMI is an NIGMS Biomedical Technology Research Resource. See NCMI on the NIH Biomedical Technology Resources Portal.

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